• Carv will not be damaged by boot warmers or dryers, as it has a maximum continuous operating temperature of 70°C
  • The Carv tracker is attached to the outside of the boot, and the insert is installed between the liner and the shell. Both of these take up the same position as many boot warmer battery packs and inserts respectively.
  • We therefore support using Carv alongside internal boot warmers, but advise you to use your judgement when installing, as when combined they may cause a tighter fit in the boot and begin causing foot discomfort.

Further details

If you do decide to use Carv alongside an insole-style boot warmer, we recommend installing the Carv insert on top of the heated insole, to ensure it provides the most accurate data possible.

You may also wish to consider alternatives to heated insoles such as heated socks, as well as reading up on the many other ways to keep your feet warm whilst skiing

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