• Carv is the World’s First Digital Ski Coach
  • The smart inserts and trackers retro-fit to any ski boot to measure motion and pressure data
  • Carv analyses your ski technique and provides real-time feedback to improve your skiing

What is Carv?

Carv is the world's first digital ski coach in your pocket.

Carv consists of an ultra-thin smart insert that contains 48 pressure sensors and a motion sensor. It slips into your ski boot underneath your liner and communicates using Bluetooth to an app on your smartphone. You can then get detailed analysis between runs on screen or real-time feedback through headphones as you ski.

The aim of Carv? To get you better at skiing. It's amazing how important your foot motion and weight distribution are when skiing. Carv senses how you perform and gives you actionable feedback to get better.

The hardware

There are two main components:

  1. The smart insert. This sits underneath your liner and attaches onto the bootboard of each of your ski boots. Each one contains 48 pressure sensors and a motion sensor, allowing Carv to fully understand your weight distribution and how your foot is moving.
  2. The tracker. This contains the battery and the Bluetooth module that communicates with your smartphone. The tracker sits on the back of your ski boot (like a bootwarmer) and connects to the smart insert with a cable.

The software

There are two main modes you can choose from when using Carv:

  • Free Session mode
  • Training mode

When in Free Session mode, Carv is silently tracking your skiing. You can review analysis of how you performed and tips for how to improve after your session at lunch or in-between runs on a ski lift.  Carv will give you audio feedback and tips based on your previous run everytime you get on a chair lift.

When in Training mode, Carv will give you realtime feedback through headphones. For the majority of the levels, this feedback consists of small audio cues that 'ding' after each turn. When appropriate (and not too often), you'll also receive some verbal tips on how to improve.

On every run, Carv will assign you a Ski IQ score: our measure of how you're performing along with metrics showing where you have room to improve. As you get better, you'll see your best Ski IQ score moving up! And you'll also start moving up the leaderboard, where you can compete with your friends, others in the same resort or everybody in the world.

Each day, Carv also gives you a detailed map showing where you've been and how your performance changed over the day, along with other more detailed metrics such as top speed, maximum G-force experienced or total time spent waiting in lift lines for the data hungry.

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