Carv comes in three sizes:

  • Size D
  • Size E
  • Size F

We've designed Carv to fit 90% of ski boots. The Carv Insert fixes underneath your boot liner inside the shell of the boot. So to find the correct size, you first need to know what size your ski boot shell is. This is known as the Mondopoint size, also known as boot size, of your ski boot.

How to find your boot's Mondopoint size

The Mondopoint size of your boot shell describes the length of a foot that can fit into your ski boot.

On most ski boots, the Mondopoint size is embossed onto the shell at the base of the boot. For example, on the boot below, the text "327mm 28.0-28.5" is visible.

  • 💟28.0-28.5 corresponds to the Mondopoint size of the shell. This is the length of foot that can fit inside the shell and is the measurement we're looking for. In this case, this shell can fit a foot that is between 280 to 285 in length. 💟 
  • 327mm corresponds to the Boot Sole Length. This is the length of the outside of the boot is used for adjusting your bindings. We don't want it. ⛔

Checking your Mondopoint size

It's advised to sense-check the Mondopoint size you've found before you proceed. The table below shows a Mondopoint range in the second column and the corresponding approximate shoes sizes beside it.

In our example above, the ski boot had a Mondopoint size of 28.0-28.5mm. This falls into the Size F row. So we would expect the foot size of the person using the boot to be around a UK 10 to 12.5. Which in this case is correct!

Note that Mondopoint sizes are nearly always a multiple of 5 (so 28.0 and 28.5 are likely to be valid Mondopoint sizes, but 283 is not).

(To see an enlarged version of this table, check here and click on "What's my size")

Selecting the correct Carv size

Once you know your Mondopoint size, use the table above to find the correct Carv size, which is shown in the left hand column.

We hope this guide has helped you pick the correct size. If you need some help, reach out to us here: 

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