Having too much feedback in your ear can be distracting, annoying or in the worst-case dangerous. We've designed Carv to give short concise feedback, so you can stay in the moment and focus on your skiing.

There are two modes to the app:

  • Free Session mode
  • Training mode

When in Free Session mode, Carv is silently tracking your skiing. You can review analysis of how you performed and tips for how to improve after your session.

When in Training mode, Carv will give you realtime feedback through headphones. For the majority of the levels, this feedback consists or small audio cues that 'ding' after each turn. When appropriate (and not too often), you'll also receive some verbal tips on how to improve as you're skiing.

The small audio 'dings' give you just enough feedback and focus, without distracting you from your surroundings. Whilst the verbal tips are a little longer, but much less frequent.

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