Some background

In order to accommodate different boots, Carv comes in 3 sizes:

  • Size D
  • Size E
  • Size F

(There used to be a Size C but it was discontinued due to lack of demand.)

In general, you want to use the biggest Carv Insert that fits, so you get the best pressure coverage across your foot.  If you use too small an Insert, Carv won't be long enough to sense pressure from both your heel and your toes.

My Carv unit is too big

We find that some boots are right on the cusp of two Carv sizes, so the Carv Insert can be slotted into the boot, but it doesn't sit flat.

In these cases we recommend that you push the Carv Insert as far forwards as possible and allow it to bend a little at the heel.

And here's a picture showing the Carv Insert in my old and rather battered ski boots:

A word of caution

Whilst we've designed the Carv Insert to bend a little (particularly in this heel cup area), if you bend it too much and bend it repeatedly, it will snap.  So please use your judgement and if you're concerned, get in touch and we may decide to ship you a smaller size.  Generally, the Insert can bend up by 10mm with no problem, though this depends a bit on how sharp the bend is!

How do I stick it down?

Because the rear of your Insert may now not be touching your ski boot's bootboard, the red sticky tab might not work very well.  In this case, you can use the supplied black duct tape to stick it down like this:

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