• Under the training menu in the Carv app, you will find skill development sections for each of our major metrics: Balance, Edging, Rotary and Pressure
  • During each turn in a skill development session, Carv will look for specific metrics to fall in a defined range. It will provide you with positive feedback (an audible “ding”) if the metrics lie in this range, or a negative sound (a “durrh”) along with feedback on how to improve if the metrics lie outside of the range
  • There are 20 levels for each skill, and the defined range for each turn decreases in size as you progress through the levels making each level harder than the last. 

This information is correct for the 2018/19 season version of the Carv software. We may be making this part of the app even more user friendly for the 2019/20 season, so keep your eyes peeled for updates on this front!

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