• Before you ski with your new Carv you will need to calibrate the motion and force sensors in your boots 
  • You will normally only have to calibrate the motion sensors once, and the Carv app will let you know when you need to recalibrate the force sensors, though this should generally only be at the beginning of each day

Motion Calibration

Once you have installed your Carv unit, click on the motion tab in the Carv app. To start the calibration, press “calibrate motion” in the app. Pick up your ski boot and continuously alternate between pointing the toe of the boot towards the floor and the sky whilst rotating 360 degrees on the spot. You can find a demo of this in the installation and calibration guide above.

You should avoid close proximity of large metal objects/structures such as chairlifts and gondola stations when calibrating motion as these can influence the magnetometer.

Force Calibration

Calibrating the force sensors in your Carv unit is like zeroing the weight on a set of scales. It’s best to do this when you’re strapped into your ski boots with your buckles done up. 

To calibrate the force, lift your foot off the ground so you’re not applying any pressure and press “Calibrate force”. Wait until the process is complete in the Carv app

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