The Carv Trackers have "Sleep" mode. This is intended for long-term storage only.

For day to day use of Carv, please simply unplug them off the insert or charge them overnight and take them off the charger in the morning.

You can only wake up your trackers by plugging them into a charger once they are asleep.

Your trackers will automatically go into sleep mode after 7 days of inactivity and will need to be awakened by plugging them into a power-source (charger).

To put your trackers to sleep:

  • Disconnect Trackers from charger or insert
  • Go to the more menu - bottom right of the home screen (three horizontal lines)
  • Go to set-up sensors menu
  • Go to set-up left
  • Click "tracker" in the bottom left corner
  • Click the three dots in the the top right corner
  • Click sleep (you should have an option to put both of them to sleep from this screen)

Turn on CarvĀ 

To wake the trackers plug into a power-source (charger).

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