Carv is the world’s first digital ski coach.

Built with world-class instructors, Carv provides real-time audio coaching and personalised tips to you as you ski.

At Carv we know that skiing is one of the best sports on earth, but we also know that it is hard to perfect. Most of us don't want to get lessons every day, so we've designed Carv to take the guesswork out of great skiing and help you improve season after season.

How it works:

  • Carv's smart inserts and trackers can be easily fitted to any ski boot, turning it into a personal coach.

  • Carv provides in-depth analysis of your ski technique presented to you on your smartphone.

  • Carv is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

  • Carv gives you real-time feedback through your headphones to tell you exactly how to improve as you ski.

  • Carv's interactive ski drills adapt to your level so anyone from intermediate/parallel skiers to instructors can (and do) use Carv to improve.

  • With four different skiing modes, Carv offers fun, interactive and effective ways to improve your skiing.

Carv's Modes:

Free ski mode - get technique analysis and hear one tip on the chairlift after your run

Training mode - get live feedback while skiing interactive drills

Challenge mode - fun ski challenges to test your skills against

Monitor mode - hear your data for a specific metric, live on every turn

Most of us hit a plateau and get stuck at the same level for years. We designed Carv to keep you improving season after season, whether you’re an intermediate looking to build your confidence, or an expert pushing your limits on every turn.

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