There are two main components to Carv’s hardware.

The Sensors

The sensors sit underneath your liner and on top of the boot board. Each one contains 36 pressure sensors and a motion sensor, allowing Carv to analyse the way that you move and apply force as you ski in unprecedented detail. This data is processed into 35 metrics, 25 times a second, giving Carv a real-time data feed of your skiing technique.

The placement of the Carv unit means that:

  • It works with off-the-shelf boots and custom moulded boots

  • It works with custom insoles (because it goes under the liner)

  • It is ultra-thin, like a boot warmer and can stay in your boot, coaching you for season after season.

The Tracker

The tracker contains the battery and the Bluetooth module that communicates with your smartphone. The tracker sits on the side of your ski boot (like a boot warmer) and connects to the smart insert via a cable.

To find out about how to install the hardware, please read:

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