To use Carv, you will need to download the Carv app onto your smartphone and input your membership activation code.

The Carv app connects to your trackers via Bluetooth. You can record your runs, view your skiing analysis and experience the drills and coaching content using Carv's app.

The Carv app is available to download worldwide from both the App Store for iOS and the Play Store for Android devices.

Currently, the app is only available in English.

To find out whether the Carv app is compatible with your tech, please check out:

How does the technique analysis work?

The app pairs to the trackers via bluetooth. It receives data 20 times a second from your ski inserts, reading a range of metrics from each foot. This real-time data stream enables Carv to calculate many aspects of your skiing technique and compare it to data models build with level 3 and 4 instructor-examiners from a range of ski schools (PSIA, CSIA, NZSIA and more).

Carv uses your location (GPS) to track runs and to calculate distances. Carv's sensors analyse your technique based on a wide range of factors, developed with top-level ski instructors and data scientists. These include:

  • Edging - Ski roll (rate, smoothness, early vs late edging, max angle and more)

  • Pressure (outside:inside pressure, rate of change, smoothness, timing)

  • Balance (front:back, dynamic balance in the turn)

  • Rotation (yaw rate, yaw symmetry, yaw smoothness, yaw/edge relationship)

  • And more.

Your data is presented as a Ski:IQ score with scores for each of the components of great skiing (balance, edging, pressure, rotation).

If you click one of these headings you can see the breakdown of how you have scored in more detail.

However, many of us just want to know how to improve.

We've designed Carv to help you improve without needing to process all of that data. In Free Ski mode, once you get onto a lift after a run, Carv gives you one audio tip, written by top level instructors, to help you fix the weakest part of your technique.

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