The Ski:IQ™ is a measurement created by Carv to provide a quantified estimate of your ski technique. It is based on how you perform in the key skill areas of Balance, Edging, Rotary and Pressure. The Ski:IQ™ scoring system is a weighted average of the metrics contained in these skills. It has a theoretical minimum of 0 and a maximum of 200.

Carv tracks your Ski:IQ™ over time so you know when you're improving.

The tips and drills recommended to you by Carv are designed to improve your skiing by focussing in on the aspects of your ski technique that are holding you back. By improving these you will improve your Ski:IQ™.

  • The average skier on piste will be scoring around 100.

  • Intermediates will score between 110-125,

  • Experts between 125-140

  • Professionals 140+.

Want to know what this means for you? We asked Richard, a new Carv user, to share his experience learning with Ski:IQ.

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