Human instructors are great and most of us start out by getting in-person coaching. However, once we can 'get by' many of us stop getting lessons and end up relying on tips from our friends.

Most of us are stuck on a technique plateau and haven't felt that 'rush' of improvement in a while.

We built Carv to take the guesswork out of great skiing.

Carv has the capacity to transform your skiing by providing one-on-one coaching on any day that you ski. Our coaching is built on four fundamentals of skiing: balance, edging, rotation and pressure. Using these principles Carv will give you the tools to,

  1. Understand where your current level is

  2. Identify which part of your technique is holding you back

  3. Improve with a range of different interventions

  4. Track your progress over time

Last year, 92% of our skiers told us that Carv had improved their technique.

What skills will I learn?

Carv's training content will help you to:

  1. Build strong and confident parallel turns (master your outside ski)

  2. Make turns of different shape (develop rotary, pressure and edge control)

  3. Manage your uphill and downhill ski

  4. Develop your carving technique

  5. Develop smooth and efficient transitions

  6. Create earlier edging (with carving drills)

  7. Correct similarity issues (an 'A-frame' technique)

What are the modes in Carv?

  • Free Ski mode tracks your skiing and analyses your technique to give you a Ski:IQ™ score. You can review how you performed and get tips for how to improve after your session. Carv will give you audio feedback and tips based on your previous run once you get on a lift, giving you one skill to focus on next run.

  • Training mode allows you to work on specific skills. We have taken traditional skiing drills and made them interactive with real-time feedback. There are six skills and 20 levels to complete for each. In this mode Carv offers real time feedback delivered through your headphones.

  • Challenge mode encourages you to push your boundaries and improve particular movements, with a number of skiing challenges that you can use to compete with friends, set a high score and earn your bragging rights.

  • Monitor mode offers a direct feed of your chosen metric in your earphones on every turn. We have created monitors for some of the most important metrics involved in reaching a high Ski:IQ™.

Our approach to learning

  1. Learn on your terms - We've designed Carv to fit in with your day, rather than take it over. You can ski with minimal interruption using Free Ski mode, or you can dip into Training mode when you want to work on a specific skill. Carv is always there when you need it and it acts as a normal ski tracker when you just want to get to lunch!

  2. Keep it fun - We all ski for fun, so we want to keep the learning process fun - after all it would feel like going back to school if we didn't. The live game-play approach that we've used in the ski drills and challenges is an absorbing a totally new way to improve your skills (read a ski mag's review here). Our approach is built around creating a very fast feedback loop so your body learns the right movements on every turn, rather than getting one or two comments per run.

  3. Data-driven coaching - We've built Carv's Ski:IQ and tip system based on the data from millions of turns from skiers of various abilities. We are working with instructors to identify common barriers to ski technique and develop advice to help you overcome them.

How should I use Carv?

We have optimised Carv for learning on piste - it is a stable surface that allows our algorithms to focus on your technique rather than the terrain. The fundamentals of off-piste skiing and mogul skiing are built on a great technique on the piste. Any technical flaws are quickly exposed in powder or in the bumps, so it is helpful to iron out any wrinkles on the groomers.

Carv cannot teach you every part of your skiing, however, the sensors are able to capture a large amount of technique data by analysing the movement and pressure through your feet. Many of our users have great success blending Carv with in-person instructing as they are able to keep pushing their performance between lessons using Carv.

With 36 sensors measuring numerous metrics on every turn, Carv has an unparalleled ability to assess what part of your technique is holding you back. We've developed our product using principles shared by the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA), CSIA (Canadian Ski Instructors' Alliance) and other skiing federations.

Our goal with Carv is to build a powerful tool for skiers who want to improve each time they go skiing.

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