Carv is used by racers to analyse their technique on a run-by-run and turn-by-turn basis.

The metrics Carv provides allow for a detailed breakdown of many of the core aspects of racing technique that coaches focus on, including,

  • early edging

  • pressure application

  • transition

  • differences between skis

  • max edge angle

  • the position in the turn when these elements are happening

The Carv insole is approximately 3mm thick, with one section (where the cable connects in, under the arch of the foot) coming in at 5mm. It may be necessary for racers with extremely tight boots to modify their liners or boot board slightly to provide space for the insole, however this is only the case with certain full custom racing liners and plug boots.

We have a boot fit guarantee so you can buy Carv and fit it and retain your right to a return if the fit is uncomfortable.

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