Carv comes in three sizes:

  • Size D

  • Size E

  • Size F

To find out your Carv size, you first need to know what size your ski boot shell is. This is known as the Mondopoint size of your ski boot. This number will be in the 20s or 30s and goes up in half sizes. 26.5 is an example of a Mondopoint size.

On most ski boots, the Mondopoint size is found on the shell at the base of the boot. Here's a typical location of the Mondopoint size:

Once you have found your Mondopoint size, you can use the table below to find your Carv size, shown in the left hand column. We have also included the typical corresponding shoe sizes.

What if I'm in between sizes?

If your boots are on the boundary between two Carv sizes, choose the smaller size.

Skiers do not exert pressure at the very front or very back of the boot so a slightly smaller size will not reduce the functionality of the sensors.

Secure the insert centrally in your boot so that there is equal amount of space at the front and back of the boot.

Carv sizing template

If you remain unsure as to what size you require, you can use the templates linked below to see which best fits your ski boot.

Letterhead template
A4 template

When you buy Carv, you are protected by our Boot Fit Guarantee. If you don't find your perfect fit, simple swap or return Carv for a full refund within 100 days..

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