The Carv logo on each tracker lights up to indicate the following:

  • (While charging) Solid red = needs more charging

  • (While charging) Solid green = charged

  • (While charging) Flashing red = charging issue

  • (When trackers are paired to the app) Intermittent blue flashes = successful bluetooth connection

The Carv logo will flash blue from time to time while connected via bluetooth to your phone, and will flash red at the same frequency when the battery is low. This is not to be confused with the red flashing indicating a charging issue, which occurs when the tracker is plugged in to charge.

Please note: If your tracker is below 5°C or above 45°C, the tracker will flash red when initially connected to a charger. This is by design to ensure trackers only charge within an optimum temperature range. If your trackers are flashing red during charging and this is a result of a temperature error, you will be presented with a status error in the Carv app reading 'Charging Error: Temperature'. Please set your trackers aside whilst they acclimatise to room temperature before continuing to charge them.

If you are experiencing a different charging issue, please you can try plugging in and unplugging your charging cable as this sometimes can fix this issue, or try using a different charging point.

If this doesn't work, please contact our customer team:

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