For day to day use of Carv, please simply unplug your trackers from the inserts at the end of your ski day. You can then place them on charge overnight ready for your next ski day.

For longer periods of inactivity you can put your trackers into deep sleep.

The trackers will enter deep sleep mode automatically after 7 days of inactivity or you can manually do this.

We recommend you only put them into deep sleep when you will not be skiing for a while or for long-term storage over the offseason.

Please note before putting trackers into deep sleep mode that the only way to wake up your trackers is to plug them into a power source (start charging them again). They will not wake up when you plug them into the insert.

To put your trackers into deep sleep mode, please follow these steps on the Carv app:

  • At the bottom right-hand corner of the Carv app, select "More"

  • Once there, click on "Setup Carv" at the top of the screen

  • Select “Setup Left” and then touch the settings icon at the bottom right hand corner

  • Then scroll down and select 'Storing Trackers', and then 'Enable Deep Sleep'

  • Your trackers will need to be disconnected from the inserts to be put into deep sleep mode

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