In order for Carv to track your skiing, you must have paired the trackers, calibrated the inserts and started a session. You also need to have given the Carv app permission to use your location in the background.

To start a session, go to the central “Ski” button at the bottom of your app screen. You can then choose any of the skiing modes along the top of the screen and specific drills or challenges within them. Once you are ready to begin, press the blue “Start” button.

You can leave one session recording all morning, or if you wish to use different modes, you can finish the session by pressing the stop button on the record page, switch mode at the top of the screen and then start recording another session.

For every run that you do, Carv provides an in-depth analysis of your performance. All recorded sessions will appear on your activity page. To get to this page, select the “Activity” icon in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. From here, you can select the run that you would like to view.

Android OnePlus Devices

If you are using an Android OnePlus device, we recommend that you lock your app to avoid it being closed automatically, which will interrupt your run tracking.

To do this you should go to your recent apps screen, also known as the overview screen. You can normally access this either by swiping up or by selecting the square in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. Once there, depending on your model, you will either need to select three dots in the top right-hand corner followed by "Lock" or alternatively there will be a padlock icon in the top right-hand corner which you can select.

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