There are four modes you can choose from when skiing with Carv:

  • Free Ski mode tracks your skiing and analyses your overall technique to give you a Ski:IQ™. You can review analysis of how you performed and tips for how to improve after your session at lunch or in-between runs on a ski lift. Carv will give you audio feedback and tips based on your previous run once you get on a lift.

  • Training mode allows you to work on specific skills. There are 4 skills and 20 levels to complete for each. In this mode Carv offers real time feedback delivered through your headphones. For the majority of the levels, this feedback consists of small audio cues that 'ding' after each turn. When appropriate (and not too often), you'll also receive some verbal tips on how to improve.

  • Challenge mode encourages you to push your boundaries and improve particular movements, with a number of skiing challenges that you can use to compete with friends, set a high score and earn your bragging rights.

  • Monitor mode offers a direct feed of your chosen metric in your earphones on every turn. We have created monitors for some of the most important metrics involved in reaching a high Ski:IQ™.

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