Sometimes your devices bluetooth app can cause problems while connecting to or updating your trackers. A common solution to a lot of bluetooth issues is to clear the data for the Bluetooth app.

Note: If instructions for your device aren't listed or don't work, please get in touch with customer service who will be able to assist you.

How to - Clear Bluetooth Cache and Data:

On Google, OnePlus, Sony, Nokia, Motorola, LG Devices (Android OS)

Settings -> Apps -> See all apps -> three dots menu (top right) -> Show system -> Scroll down to find 'Bluetooth' or search for it -> Tap 'Bluetooth' App -> Storage and cache -> 'Clear storage'

On Samsung Devices (One UI OS)

Settings -> Apps -> Tap the 'filter and sort' icon (see image below) -> Enable 'Show system apps' -> Tap OK -> Scroll down to find 'Bluetooth' app -> Storage -> Clear Data

On Oppo Devices (Color OS)

Settings -> App Management -> Show System Processes -> Select 'Bluetooth' App -> Storage Usage -> Clear Data -> Clear

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