How does the Carv membership work?

Carv is made up of a membership, billed every 12 months from one week after the date your unit is shipped (or every 24 months, depending on the choice) and a device, which is a one-off cost required at purchase.

Your membership will give you our latest analytics, real-time coaching and training content. Improvement doesn’t stop after only one winter, so we’re excited to keep you progressing with fresh coaching content and new features every season.

We spend all year working with the best instructors to create new performance metrics, coaching tips and recommendations to help you improve. To see what’s new this season head to

We hope you’ll love using Carv, but if you don't we want to make it easy to cancel.

After signing up you’ll receive an email which allows you to amend your membership at any time. If you cancel your membership your device will remain active for the remaining duration of your 12 months. After that point you will still be able to access your historic performance, Ski:IQ, and run tracking but the coaching features, tips, leaderboard and personalised training plans will remain dormant until you reactivate your membership.

If you're not happy with Carv simply return it to us within 100 days and we will refund both the membership and device cost.

Why is Carv a membership?

Each year we work hard make Carv a more powerful ski coach. By moving to a membership model we can keep the price low for you while continuing to improve the product every season to keep you improving.

What if I want to cancel?

We’re sorry if you feel that Carv isn’t helping you to improve your skiing but we want to make it easy for you to cancel. If you are within 100 days of the date of your purchase you can return the Carv hardware and get a refund on the device and membership.

If you are outside your first 100 days, you can cancel your membership. If you cancel your Carv device will still work with all the features until your membership term is finished. From that point onwards your Carv will still track your skiing and calculate your Ski:IQ. If you want to reactivate your membership, you’ll get access to all of our latest coaching features once again.

What happens to the device if I cancel?

If you cancel your membership your Carv will still work, and you will be able to access your historic performance and the tracking features:

  • Ski:IQ scores

  • Run tracking

  • Ability levels

  • Historic performance

The coaching features (tips, metrics, real-time audio feedback, training modes and personalised training plans) and the leaderboard will remain dormant until you reactivate your membership. You can return your Carv for a refund of the device and membership cost within 100 days of purchase.

What membership upgrades will I get?

We know that skiing is a journey of constant improvement. We want Carv to level up with you every season.

Every season we record millions of ski turns and deliver hundreds of thousands of coaching interventions. We use this data to look at what worked for our skiers and improve the coaching power of Carv.

Each season Carv members will get upgraded to:

  • Our latest Ski:IQ, metrics and tips algorithm

  • More accurate training recommendations for your skiing technique

  • New content developed with top-level instructors to help you on and off the snow.

We're in it together to keep you improving!

When will I be charged?

Your first membership payment is taken alongside the one off device payment when you buy Carv. If you choose the 12 month membership you’ll be charged one week after the date your units is shipped in one years time. If you choose the 24 month membership you’ll be charged a reduced annual rate every 2 years.

If you already have an existing Carv unit do you still need to buy an annual membership?

No, we’re very keen to say thank you to all the Carv skiers who have supported us throughout our journey to get this far.

We are going to give all existing Carv users a lifetime "Founder Membership" and we hope you continue to love Carv for every future version we release. We are excited to have you with us and want you in the community for the next leg of our journey. In return, please keep sharing your experience with Carv with your skiing friends and please keep feeding back your thoughts on the product to help us make Carv a better product every year.

Can I buy the Carv device without a subscription?

We are only able to offer Carv devices alongside a subscription - we have priced the device as near to cost price as we can, and have included a lifetime warranty to keep you Carving season after season. We hope you won’t want to cancel your subscription after your first year; however if you just want the basic Ski:IQ tracking you can cancel the membership at any time.

How do I buy Carv as a gift?

You can buy the one or the two-year deal which allows the lucky skier to use Carv for the season. After purchase simply share your activation code with them (emailed after purchase).

What am I buying with the hardware and the membership bit?

The hardware is offered at a one-off cost in your purchase. You won't have to pay this again. The membership is necessary for you to access the training content, the detailed metrics and the leaderboards, and it is billed on a yearly basis. We have priced membership at an accessible price that allows us to improve your Carv every single season.

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