Carv is comprised of two components:

  • A membership - billed every 12 or 24 months from the date you enter your membership activation code into the Carv app, or 30 days after purchase (whichever comes first).

  • A device - which is purchased at a one-off cost.

Your membership will gain you access our latest analytics, real-time coaching and training content throughout the course of the season, and beyond. Improvement doesn’t stop after only one winter, so we’re excited to keep you progressing with fresh coaching content and new features every season.

Why is Carv a membership?

Each year we work hard to make Carv a more powerful ski coach. We work with the best instructors to create new performance metrics, coaching tips and recommendations to guide you on your ski improvement journey. Improvement doesn’t stop after only one winter, so we’re excited to be able to keep you progressing with Carv membership by delivering fresh coaching content and new features every season.

What membership upgrades will I get?

We know that skiing is a journey of constant improvement and we want Carv to level up with you every season.

Every season we record millions of ski turns and deliver hundreds of thousands of coaching interventions. We use this data to look at what worked for our skiers and improve the coaching power of Carv.

Each season Carv members will get upgraded to:

  • Our latest Ski:IQ, metrics and tips algorithm

  • More accurate training recommendations for your skiing technique

  • New content developed with top-level instructors to help you on and off the snow.

We're in it together to keep you improving!

What membership plans do you offer?

We offer three membership plans in order to give you the flexibility to choose a membership plan that fits with your plans for ski improvement this year.

The Flexipass

Designed for less regular skiers who are equally as dedicated to ski improvement; the Flexipass consists of a 6-Day pass with the option to add extra days at checkout - giving you the freedom to design a pass length that really works for you.

The Flexipass is billed every 12 months from the date you apply your activation code to your Carv account, or 30 days after purchasing Carv - whichever date occurs first. When your membership renews, your membership status within the Carv app will update - giving you a fresh set of ski days, depending on your chosen pass length. Any ski days not used during the 365 day membership period will be carried over to the following year.

The Flexipass will provide you with all the benefits of our latest algorithms, technique analysis and live training for the 6+ ski days that you’re on snow, as well as all year round off-snow coaching - enabling you to work on your technique 365 days a year!

12 month Carv Membership

Our most popular plan, perfect for the regular skier, the 12 month Carv membership aims to take your skiing to the next level with unlimited on-snow content for the duration of your plan. Billed every 12 months from the date you activate your membership, or 30 days after purchasing.

24 month Carv Membership

Created for our dedicated Carv users, our 24 month plan is our best value deal, offering a subsided year membership fee when two years are purchased upfront, billed every 24 months from the date you activate your membership, or 30 days after purchasing.

Which plan is right for me?

To hear more information about our membership plans, why not contact our customer support team on [email protected] or by clicking the button below, to discuss which plan is best for you.

When will I be charged?

Your first membership payment is taken alongside the one-off device payment when you purchase Carv. Your next charge date will be exactly 12 or 24 months (depending on your chosen membership plan) from the date at which you redeem your membership activation code, or exactly 30 days after purchasing Carv.

Can I buy the Carv device without a subscription?

Unfortunately not. Carv sensors are only available to purchase alongside a Carv membership. We offer multiple membership plans, so why not contact our customer support team to discuss which membership plan may be best suited to you?

What if I want to cancel?

We hope you’ll love using Carv, but if you don't we want to make it easy to cancel.

If you are within 100 days of the date of your purchase you can return your Carv device in order to receive a full refund on the device and any membership fees paid to date.

If you are outside your first 100 days, you can still cancel your membership at any time. If you decided to cancel; your Carv membership would remain active for the remaining duration of your membership period. Once the membership period has expired you would then only be able to access your historical performance data and the tracking features, including:

  • Ski:IQ scores

  • Run tracking

  • Ability levels

The Carv coaching features (tips, metrics, real-time audio feedback, training modes and personalised training plans) and the leaderboard would remain dormant until you reactivate your membership.

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