What is Founder Membership?

Like a ski pass, new Carv customers must pay an ongoing fee to continue to receive our coaching content, detailed analytics and training drills.

We’re very keen to say thank you to all the Carv skiers who have supported us throughout our journey to get this far. So we're pleased to share that those who bought Carv before the 2021 / 22 season do not need to buy this membership to keep using all the features you've come to love and to keep using your existing Carv units.

These existing Carv users will become Founder members, receiving a lifetime membership. This membership entitles the user to unlimited access to all our content and usage of their existing Carv device. We hope you continue to love Carv for every future version we release and we are excited to have you with us in the community for the next leg of our journey.

In return, please keep sharing your experience with Carv with your friends and please keep feeding back your thoughts on the product to help us make Carv better every year.

Who gets Founder Membership and how do I get it?

Every customer who bought Carv before the 2021 / 22 season will receive Founder Membership.

If you’ve already created an account and recorded a session with your Carv units, there’s nothing more you need to do - you’ll be automatically activated as a Founder member.

If you bought Carv before October 2021 but are yet to start using Carv, don’t worry, we’ll still get you activated as a Founder member. You'll need to activate your membership with the new 21|22 season app, which will be released on 15th November. We will send you an email once it’s launched as a reminder.

What happens to my warranty?

We want to get you back carving as quickly as possible, so even if your 2 year warranty period has run out, we'll continue to sell you individual replacement parts at a discounted price.

How does Founder Membership differ from normal membership?

  • Unlike normal membership, Founder Members are not required to pay a recurring fee to use their device, receive our coaching or access our content.

  • While our normal membership receive an unlimited warranty with an active subscription, the original 2 year warranty sold to Founder Members is unchanged. If a replacement part is required outside of this warranty period, it will be sold at a discounted price.

  • Founder Membership entitles the user to unlimited usage of their Carv units and unlimited access to our coaching content. The usage of any new Carv units will require a subscription.

Have any more questions?

Contact us at [email protected].

Read more about how the membership works here.

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